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Regain control and ensure compliance in retail

With our COVID-19 AI solutions!

Easy-to-install solutions for retailers to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Control maximum occupancy
  • Check wearing of face masks
  • Comply with physical distance regulations

Try now our AI-controlled solutions 30 days for free!


Put your ideal anti-corona package together now!

Retailers want to return to normal as quickly as possible. Already today, they can start to act with a tailor-made package of Security & Safety Things.


Control maximum store occupancy

  • Bullet camera from AndroVideo, Topview or Vivotek
  • SAIMOS Counting app
  • Link Analytix Retail Flux Counter app

Detect wearing of face masks

  • Bullet camera from AndroVideo, Topview or Vivotek
  • Geutebrück face mask detection app
  • SAIMOS face mask detection

Your custom COVID-19 AI solution

  • Various cameras from 6 manufacturers
  • More than 55 apps on our Application Store
  • Pick and mix your individual solution

And this is how it works

  • If you would like to participate in the free 30-day trial now, please use the link below to enter your contact and installation details
  • Please note that we only have a limited number of free-trial-cameras available. Once these are distributed, the initiative is terminated
  • We will process the trial applications in the order of receipt. If you need more than one installation, please fill out the corresponding number of applications.
  • You must register as an integrator on the Security & Safety Things platform free of charge.
  • To participate, you must be a resident of one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America.
  • The trial is completely free of charge! The free-trial-cameras, which run the Security & Safety Things operating system, are provided for free during the trial period of 30 days.
  • The listed applications are offered with a demo license for a period of 30 days. After the expiration of the trial period, you can purchase these products from our partners. Please contact us in order that we can support you!

What else...

During the 30-day period, you may also try other applications offered in the Security & Safety Things Application Store, in compliance with the terms of purchase.

We will ensure that your 30-day free trial runs smoothly and successfully. Security & Safety Things and our partners are happy to provide you the necessary support from our teams in Europe and the USA.

Why you take no risks when installing a smart camera system

Investing now in a camera system with our intelligent apps is a good idea. Because when the pandemic is over, our solution continues to provide value!


Re-purpose your camera at any time

Once the pandemic is over you can re-equip your cameras with other capabilities in minutes. Over 55 apps available in our Application Store. Use cases include heat mapping, queue analysis, detection of fire, spills or even weapons or emotion analysis to name just a few.


Use one camera to do multiple things

Cameras can run multiple apps at the same time. So while a camera helps you control the occupancy of your store or check for face masks, the same device can be used to detect thefts or analyze people flow for store layout optimisation.


Our intelligent camera system does not only solve many of the challenges posed by the current corona pandemic, but is also a wise investment in the future. Give it a try and convince yourself!

With our COVID-19 Apps you can now really get started again!

Fight the pandemic and be economically successful at the same time? It is possible - thanks to the AI-based app solutions that automatically monitor minimum distance regulations, permitted number of persons or the wearing of face masks. So that you can focus on your core business!


Enforcing social distancing rules in a retail setting to limit risk of infection for both shoppers and employees. This real-time occupancy solution is running in 7 markets in both retail- and other public places like restaurants, museums and galleries.


SAIMOS® Edge Count is used for people counting and occupancy management. Combine it with the SAIMOS C3 Server installation, to connect multiple cameras to monitor multiple entrances and exits and understand overall occupancy. Use also a dedicated kiosk user interface via tablets or screens.


Use Face Mask Detector to efficiently monitor compliance with prescribed hygiene concepts. It recognizes whether people working towards a camera wear a protective mask and instantly notifies missing protections to a connected VMS.

CVEDIA's Talos Crowd Detector detects and analyzes at-risk areas for physical distancing in corporate or public spaces. It detects people and the distances between them, and provides you with visual analytics that help you improve COVID-19 related practices.

Give it a try: We provide you with our cameras and the apps you need for 30 days free of charge and without any risk. You will be amazed at how precisely and accurately our system works!

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Fight the pandemic!

Thank you for your interest in a 30-day trial of our AI solutions, which is part of our "COVID-19 response" initiative to help contain the corona pandemic while ensuring economic viability. Please fill out the adjacent form to help us understand your specific requirements. Our team will contact you shortly.

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