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The first open Application Store for security cameras

Equip security cameras of different brands and form factors with just the functionality you need. Plan, deploy and manage them in a way that’s smarter, simpler and more flexible.

Our pioneering Application Store provides a big range of cutting-edge apps that transform what cameras can do.

Welcome to Security & Safety Things.

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Tailor-made solutions of apps and cameras

Exactly the solution you need

Seamlessly blend all the security cameras and apps you need to tackle even the most unique challenges. Benefit from the latest tech in AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. All available from our pioneering Application Store complete with free trial options.

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Get the most out of security cameras


Equip and re-equip cameras with apps whenever you want

Make cameras that run our OS do just what you need at any point in time. Even letting multiple applications run on them in parallel. A camera that detects face mask and social distance today can analyse traffic flow or detect smoke tomorrow.

Run all the apps you want on your cameras

Apps to help retailers improve store layout. Apps to help make sports stadiums even safer. Apps to streamline airport crowd flow. And so much more. We already have more than 50 groundbreaking apps to help you transform what you can do with security cameras. Enter a world of possibilities.


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Manage all your cameras and apps in one place

Get an instant overview of state-of-the-art hardware and cutting-edge software through our sophisticated device management tools. Analytics for app performance and business KPIs help you stay on top your camera networks.


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Trial apps for free. Instantly.

Remove all the risk from buying an app, by trialing it first, free for 30 days. You can instantly download the app to your security camera and start seeing what it can do. At the end of the trial, you decide if you keep the app or not.

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Case Study: Barrier free parking

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See how the innovative parking management Provider Peter Park used Security & Safety Things enabled cameras to automate payment processing for customers, making use of advanced license plate recognition available from our Application Store.

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See the IoT revolution for yourself

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