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Increase store revenue
and profit

with video analytics for retail

Retail - Conversion Rate

Increase conversion rate

Combine video analytics data on shopper traffic with POS data to get a detailed analysis on conversion metrics.

  • Analyze traffic per area
  • Integrate POS data
  • Derive data on area conversion
Retail - Store Layout

Improve store layout

Continously analyze customer movement to optimize your store layout and the presentation of goods.

  • Analyze traffic with heat mapping
  • Identify frequented areas
  • Improve shopper flow
Retail - COVID

COVID19 compliance

Use smart cameras to automatically monitor and enforce the adherence to health guidelines.

  • Manage store occupancy
  • Monitor face mask compliance
  • Track social distancing compliance

Let us help you understand better how smart video analytics can improve your store's performance. Get in touch with our consultants and see a demo for yourself.

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Benefits of using video analytics in retail

Security cameras that you can flexibly equip and re-equip with video analytics apps open up completely new opportunities for you to optimize your store and improve the presentation of your goods. This allows you to increase revenue and reduce cost.

Insights behavior

Gain a better understanding of your customers’ behavior

Security cameras in retail spaces are now able to analyze this video information as well, enabling you to recognize and steer movement trends or footfall patterns in your store – and therefore place your product ranges where your customers are going to be. You can also upvalue areas that are visited less often and guide your customers specifically toward them.

Capture the attention of shoppers and steer them with personalized offers

For example, if a middle-aged woman walks into your store, a camera can trigger a specific action, such as a display in the customer’s vicinity showing an offer tailored to her. This allows you to personalize your interaction with different groups of customers.

Personalized Offers
Optimize Inventory

Optimize inventory in your store and warehouse

As a retailer, you have to keep one eye on your customers and one eye on your goods at all times if you want to create a perfect shopping experience in your store. Missing or misplaced goods curtail your sales. Security cameras can continuously analyze goods inventories in your store, notifying your staff and triggering appropriate measures whenever necessary.

Our goal is therefore to help you get more out of your technology. Give it a try and convince yourself!

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About S&ST

We are an independent start-up with headquarters in Munich (Germany) that is fully owned by Bosch. We also have offices in Pittsburg (USA) as well as in Eindhoven (Netherlands) from where we operate our business and take care of our customers.

In 2019 we launched our open IoT platform for security cameras to shape the future of this industry and with the help of our more than 100 camera manufacturing, app development, and integrator partners we strive to revolutionize this industry.

We adhere to the highest standards within the security industry to ensure that our ecosystem complies with the rules and ethical guidelines that safeguards data privacy – so users and the general public can trust it.