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App-Partners - A.I. Tech

How to make surveillance cameras smarter

The young and brilliant people, their amazing ideas and the enthusiasm of the team make collaboration really exciting for us. It’s awesome to have the possibility to shape the future of the security market together.
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  • Alessia Saggese
    Co-Founder of A.I. Tech

Security and Safety Things chats with A.I. Tech

We from Security and Safety Things are developing the world's first open operating system with a global app marketplace for security cameras. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, we cooperate with numerous startups and established companies from all over the world. One example of a mutually beneficial cooperation is one with A.I. Tech, based in Penta, near Salerno, Italy.

A.I. Tech designs and develops video analytics solutions, combining current technologies concerning computer vision, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. Combined with skills in the engineering of hardware and software applications and on designing embedded systems the company releases impressing products and apps.

Thanks to our software, the camera does not only observe a scene, but it is also able to discover what’s happening – through the recognition of the objects and the analysis of their behavior

But describing the company as a start-up would hardly be correct: For 25 years, the experts from Italy have been developing solutions and advising companies in this field. “The aim is always to automatically analyze the sequence of images acquired by surveillance cameras”, says Saggese. “Thanks to the advanced Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision algorithms developed by our team, A.I. Tech apps can be used to extract information of interest that can be used for both alarmistic and statistical purposes.” The video analytics products can be profitably used in several vertical markets, such as retail and business intelligence, security and banking security, ambient assisted living, smart cities, smart parking and traffic monitoring (AID).

About 20 Apps that will work on the Security and Safety Things' OS

For the platform of Security and Safety Things the experts of A.I. Tech have ported about 20 of their video analysis plugins and bundles that fulfill very different tasks. Some examples: “AI-Loitering” detect the permanence of a person within an area of interest. “AI-Fire” and “AI-Smoke” allow to detect the presence of flames and smoke in environments where traditional fire sensors are not very effective, such as large interiors, or externally at a considerable distance. “AI-Overcrowd” on the other hand can be used for raising an alarm in case there are too many people inside one or more areas of interest – a solution for queue management. And there are some bundles of different matching applications, for instance, “AI-Road3D” that allows the counting and classification of vehicles and “AI-Incident” that checks the presence of vehicles stopped in a specific area.

Other applications deal with security in public spaces: “AI-ATM” allows to detect anomaly situations near an ATM, due to overcrowded situations or to the presence of a person near the ATM for a long time. And “AI-Bio” is capable to recognize the gender from facial analysis, also carrying out the estimation of the age from the analysis of the face and the time spent by the person in front of the camera.

Some of the apps are based on deep learning, and thanks to the power of the algorithms developed by our R&D team, it does not need any GPU, and it is able to fully run on board of the camera.

The apps are based on a very powerful multi-platform architecture. “That made it quite easy to port it to the OS in a very short time – a win-win-situation for both of us”, Saggese explains. She appreciates the ease of collaboration with the team of Security and Safety Things. 

The adapted OS as an operating system for security use is the conclusive evolution of Android as a widespread mobile operating system. “Every company can install its application on board of any kind of camera – this is precisely the way the security market is transforming, and A.I. Tech is happy to be together with Security and Safety Things protagonist of this transformation process.”

Using the advantages of artificial intelligence in cameras

Alessia Saggese firmly believes in the potential of the security market in combination with video analytics and camera applications in the B2B segment: “In the era of IoT, the camera is transformed into a sensor able to generate events of interest for the human operator. Nowadays, thanks to the incredible advances in artificial intelligence and computer vision, it is possible to process this information in several different areas of use.” Furthermore, there will be the possibility to install an app on board of the camera – “exactly in the same way an app is installed on a smartphone. An idea which is as simple, as revolutionary. The new era of security is coming now.”

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