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Security and Safety Things offer an innovative platform, with first-mover advantage, which gives developers the opportunity to create camera apps and to market them in a marketplace.
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  • Allan Ponniah
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Security and Safety Things chats with Facesoft

New exciting apps for face recognition with IP cameras are constantly being created on our open platform. We talked to Allan Ponniah, CEO of Facesoft, about his experiences with Security and Safety Things. Allan is a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a keen interest in facial reconstruction and artificial intelligence and its applications. He has a vivid entrepreneurial spirit and aspires to make Facesoft the leading company in the field.

What is your core business? Give us and the readers a short insight about what you are working on?

Facesoft is a start-up which uses proprietary machine learning models and databases to improve computer-generated 3D face reconstruction and facial recognition. Currently, our core business is in access control, CCTV and identity verification, within the security market, but we have also been approached by potential partners from other markets such as gaming and VR. Early this year, we submitted our face recognition algorithms to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), where we are ranked second in the global WILD category.

What kind of app or application have you already produced for our ecosystem?

We have developed an app for identifying individuals in real world conditions ("in the wild") using only the camera video stream. The app lets the user register "known" individuals from face images and/or the camera itself, and then generates real time reports when any of the registered individuals enters the visual field of the camera.

Our app has garnered a lot of attention at security conferences, so we are proud of this achievement.

Nevertheless we continuously work on improving it’s functionality and Facesoft’s unique algorithms.

What made Security and Safety Things stand out for you as a product/service?

Security and Safety Things was founded by a team with many years of expertise in the security and technology fields and therefore there were many operational synergies between our respective businesses. They offer an innovative platform, with first mover advantage, which gives developers the opportunity to create camera apps and to market them in a marketplace.

What made you happiest about collaborating with Security and Safety Things? And what has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

The launch of the marketplace has laid the foundations for a strong network of companies within the camera app market. The excellent communication and support has completely exceeded our expectations, by providing expertise from many departments, from technical support to marketing and PR advice.

What's the main reason you recommend our product or service?

As a start-up, it is often tempting to collaborate with as many companies as possible, however, our focus is to form long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships, with our partners.

Security and Safety Things is led by a talented team with many years of expertise and market knowledge behind them and treat their partners, such as Facesoft with the highest levels of professionalism and respect.

We chose to partner with them as both of our companies share common values and a vision to “democratize” the market of security camera software and hardware, for a safer world.

How do you rate the market for B2B apps in the area of camera apps - or in other words: Why do you see this area as full of opportunities?

I think that within the next few years, the B2B camera app market has the potential for explosive growth. I envisage a huge opportunity for Facesoft to be connected to the right demographics, whilst Security and Safety Things will take the ‘middle man’ role in the process. As a result, this will shorten and simplify our sales funnel. Their marketplace will allow us to instantly connect with any company worldwide for potential clients and collaboration.

What are your next goals and what does it take to achieve them? Do you see challenges in the area of app development today?

As we are still exploring opportunities to develop our app appropriately to our target groups, our goals will be focused on perfecting specific functionalities based on market needs. For example, if we see there is demand for "blacklist" applications, we will add this functionality to our app.

One technical difficulty that we see as our next big challenge, is making the most out of the available camera hardware. At least on paper, the camera is powerful enough to push the features and functionality of our app much further, but we anticipate significant amount of development effort to go in this direction before we start seeing results.

Thanks for chatting Allan! Best of luck with your success on the marketplace! 

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