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EDGE application for license plate recognition

Security and Safety Things' open platform allows us to reach new customers who need license plate recognition solutions for their projects.
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Security and Safety Things chats with FF Group

New exciting apps for IP cameras are constantly being created on our open platform. One of them is FF Group's EDGE app for license plate recognition. We talked to Oleksii Tsvietnov, CTO of FF Group, about his experiences with Security and Safety Things. 

What is your core business? Give the readers a short insight about what you are working on?

FF Group offers intelligent security AI solutions on EDGE which can help in smart city and traffic concept development. For this purpose we have developed our own unique algorithm for image recognition. It is easy to install on IP cameras and enables vendors and integrators to implement various use cases, such as license plate recognition, traffic control, parking solutions and large network projects.

What kind of app or application have you already produced for the ecosystem?

At ISC West 2019 we presented our license plate recognition app for various cameras from manufacturers such as Altek, Vivotek and Bosch. The interest was overwhelming, also because the visitors at our booth could experience live how excellent license plate recognition works with powerful cameras. We developed our application on the basis of Security and Safety Things open platform. That made it very easy for us to create software that fits cameras of various manufacturers.

What made Security and Safety Things stand out for you as a product/service?

The open platform allows us to reach new customers who need license plate recognition solutions for their projects. We reach integrators who implement hardware from various manufacturers because the platform is open to all systems.

In addition, this allows us not only to sell our product, but also to connect with integrators. This provides us with valuable first-hand feedback on our solution.

What made you happiest about collaborating with Security and Safety Things? And what has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

Security and Safety Things' is a young company with a great vision. Our cooperation is still in its infancy, but is already exciting. The communication process is simple and transparent. We have a channel to connect with the various departments at any time. The preparation of ISC West 2019 exceeded our expectations. It was the first big show for Security and Safety Things with so many participants. Nevertheless, they did a great job with the preparation and the event itself. Again many thanks to the team!

What's the main reason you recommend our product or service?

Our customers are both manufacturers and integrators. Both are looking for the best possible solutions for their hardware or projects. this service makes it very easy for them to find the best from a variety of solutions.

For us as a solution provider, they offer the opportunity to present our solution as an open platform and to reach new customers.

How do you rate the market for B2B apps in the area of camera apps - or in other words: Why do you see this area as full of opportunities?

Edge apps like ours are cost-effective solutions that enable complex algorithms even in small projects. We believe that the biggest growth for camera apps is in small and medium systems. That’s because users usually start with small projects and develop their systems step by step.  This attracts small specialized integrators, especially since edge apps for IP cameras are very easy and convenient to use. 

What are your next goals and what does it take to achieve them?

Our next major goal is to use our license plate recognition application in pilot projects with various camera manufacturers worldwide and to promote the solution to early adopters. Here we are particularly addressing small to medium-sized integrators who are looking for simple and quickly integrated solutions for their customers' camera systems.

Do you see challenges in the area of app development today?

We developed our application on the basis of the open platform. That made it very easy for us to create software that fits cameras of various manufacturers.

Security plays an important role for users and integrators. That's why both struggle to try new applications in their systems. To convince them, we have to develop for relevant use cases and offer apps that are very easy to install and use. In addition, many companies are still suspicious of distributed solutions in the cloud. For those that are open to cloud solutions, we need to develop applications that integrate easily with existing systems, devices, and solutions. Open protocols are still under development, so new applications must fit into common ecosystems. This is also where manufacturers need to think more openly and connected.

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