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App-Partners - Link Analytix

Measuring the shoppers' behaviour

Espen_ Thømming
We think the platform is a very attractive offer for app developers and hardware producers. For us, I can say, it was a no-brainer to accept the invitation to integrate a few of our services.
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  • Espen Thømming
    COO of Link Analytix

Security and Safety Things chats with Link Analytix

We from Security and Safety Things are developing the world's first open operating system with a global app marketplace for security cameras. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, we cooperate with numerous startups and established companies from all over the world. One example of a mutually beneficial cooperation is that one with the startup Link Analytix, based in Oslo, Norway.

Various companies in the retail sector explore the wishes and needs of customers. The emergence of multichannel and omnichannel marketing has made business much more data-driven. But not all data points that arise in connection with the customer journey are obvious. In many cases, camera images and videos have to be evaluated in order to understand the customer's needs and reach a higher conversion rate.

The Oslo-based company Link Analytix has been developing different tools to identify growth in retail shops for over three years. “Our solutions are being used by retailers, vendors, and brand-owners“, explains Espen Thømming, COO of Link Analytix. Apart from researching the shopping behavior of customers, the primary goal is to improve the shopping experience for customers - a guarantee for increasing customer turnover.

We use digital tools to enable our clients to make the right decision to secure growth and performance according to established objectives.

Some examples can illustrate what this business information can provide: The ideal placement of in-store campaigns affect sales by up to 50 % and even the right usage of in-store posters can affect sales be over 20 %. Having access to such information - many sellers and shop owners do not have - the conversion can be increased significantly.

The recently developed app store is the ideal business partner for Link Analytix, because the Norwegian company can offer apps like people counters, queue management apps, and heat mapping tools via their ecosystem. “What impresses us is most of all the bold and disruptive move by one of the biggest industrial companies in Europe to standardize and facilitate the access to a common platform“, says Thømming.

Store optimization as conversion driving element

The cooperation was already very successful at this early stage OS and the app store are still in the beta stage) for the Norwegian technology company.

I like that Security and Safety Things takes upon themselves this exciting idea. There are great people working in a dynamic organization – highly skilled, motivated and determined to make this happen.

But there is, even more, the culture of welcoming, involving and challenging, as Thømming puts it.

In the specific case, i.e. in the cooperation with the startup Link Analytix, there are remarkable synergy effects: The marketplace that Security and Safety Things will establish is right up our ally. We don't really care much about software or hardware - especially if it´s proprietary. Our main concern is to provide our clients with the right insights at the right price.

Platforms with a high market share will succeed

As Thømming explains, he sees the platform operated by Security and Safety Things as a central hub where services from different providers can be bundled offering an attractive package for the end-user. For us, it’s important to achieve global distribution – a goal that we can better achieve together. Regarding app development, in my opinion, the talents will focus on the marketplaces with the best distribution and visibility. The market for camera apps is highly competitive and yet promising. Thømming sees a convergence between B2B and B2C applications.

Security, monitoring and video analytics will be a fast growing vertical in the time to come. On the other hand, there will be services and apps that will be widespread.

The value chain and interaction between hardware manufacturer, app developer, integrator and customer will change more and more.

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