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Video surveillance networks under control

Security and Safety Things has brought a great deal of enthusiasm and considerable insight into our offering.
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  • Simon Langsford
    CEO of Snap Surveillance

Security and Safety Things chats with Simon Langsford, CEO at Snap Surveillance

We from Security and Safety Things are developing the world's first open operating system with a global app marketplace for security cameras. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, we cooperate with numerous startups and established companies from all over the world. One example of mutually beneficial cooperation is that one with the startup Snap Surveillance, based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Snap builds software that allows its customers to take control of their large-scale IP video surveillance networks.

What is your core business? Give us and the readers a short insight into what you are working on?

Snap builds AI-enabled multi-camera tracking software for video networks with large numbers of cameras (100+). Our software helps operators and other technology partners  get the most out of these large networks, by using Computer Vision AI , enabling faster and more reliable operations such as video pursuit - automatically following targets as they move from camera to camera.

What kind of application have you already produced for our marketplace and ecosystem?

For the conventional video surveillance (CCTV) market we provide a client server system including server-based learning of camera relationships and a video client incorporating functions such as multi-camera tracking. Our FMx software combines the latest technology with artificial intelligence - as a powerful enhancement to traditional video management systems and to facilitate rapid, accurate response to security and safety incidents.   

For the Security and Safety Things marketplace, we have now produced a variant of the Snap software that incorporates on-camera edge processing during the learning process, for a significant reduction in resource load required during learning.

What made Security and Safety Things stand out for you as a product/service?

The smart camera platform enables us to move a substantial part of our camera relationships learning process onto the smart cameras by edge processing, which both reduces our server capacity requirements during learning, and also improves the quality of learning. Before we met Security and Safety Things we have been looking for partnerships with camera vendors to achieve our edge learning approach, which we soon abandoned because it would have restricted us too much. Our customers typically wish to avoid vendor “lock in”, they desire flexibility in choice of camera manufacturer. Security and Safety Things’ camera platform, on the other hand, is open and compatible with systems from various manufacturers.

In addition, Security and Safety Things’ ecosystem approach gives us the opportunity to work collaboratively with other technology providers and identify new areas, where a new generation of multi-camera tracking can create business value.

4. What made you happiest about collaborating with us? OR what has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

Security and Safety Things has brought a great deal of enthusiasm and considerable insight into our offering. With an ambitious timing they challenged us to bring our offer to the market fast always showing genuine commitment to achieving the plan and hitting each milestone along the way. There is a clear sense of strategic drive, of having defined goals and to achieving those goals. What has exceeded expectations is the positive “can do” attitude of the Security and Safety Things team – a spirit of making things happen, and of combining a high level of technical aptitude with an enthusiasm and passion for the initiative.

What's the main reason you recommend our product or service? 

There are many offerings that sound promising but have little real vigour behind them and are largely self-serving or promotional.

Not so with the Security and Safety Things ecosystem approach – where there is a genuine commitment to an open platform and a partner ecosystem, coupled with a concerted effort to deliver solutions – that’s one reason we’d highly recommend it.

Also, the main technical reason is that the platform is open and supports cameras from multiple vendors, whereas other smart camera platforms are proprietary and limited to single brands of cameras.

How do you rate the market for B2B apps in the area of camera applications? 

 With the advent of new wave AI technologies, such as Deep Learning, computer vision is delivering significant functionality relevant to businesses. This, combined with the IoT and Industry 4.0, results in a valuable market to conquer. Security buyers are becoming more educated in the “art of the possible”, that can be achieved today with modern camera platforms. But until now the traditional industry marketplace prevents easy and rapid adoption of new technologies, due to both the extant camera systems and the conventional buyer behaviors.

There is a real opportunity to deliver newer camera applications to the security market more flexibly and easily – but it does require disruption of the traditional marketplace.

What are your next goals and what does it take to achieve them?

Based on our experience from the cooperation with Security and Safety Things we continue to develop our camera-based learning solution. The immediate next challenge is jointly to trial at a customer site and generate real world feedback and assessment of ROI.

More broadly, we are looking to discuss joint or collaborative development initiatives with Security and Safety Things and other ecosystem partners. 

Simon, thank you very much for the chat and the opportunity to get to know you better.

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