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App-Partners - Visage Technologies

Computer vision for face tracking, analysis, and recognition

Through Security and Safety Things we gain access to technological areas that are not our main focus so far. Now we are able to offer our customers turnkey solutions for a variety of security camera applications.
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  • Mario Marić
    Product Owner at Visage Technologies

Security and Safety Things chats with Mario Marić, Product Owner at Visage Technologies

We from Security and Safety Things are developing the world's first open operating system with a global app marketplace for security cameras. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, we cooperate with numerous startups and established companies from all over the world. One example of mutually beneficial cooperation is that one with Visage Technologies, based in Linköping, Sweden.

Visage Technologies offers computer vision software for face tracking, analysis, and recognition, as well as computer vision for automotive applications.

1. What is your core business? Give us and the readers a short insight into what you are working on?

Our core business is providing an SDK (Software Development Kit) for face tracking, face recognition and face analysis, which helps to assess age, gender, and emotions. We also build a variety of applications around the SDK, which are used in a number of industries. Our technology is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, in both areas, we have over 15 years of experience. You could say that we are one of the pioneers in computer vision related to the human face.

2. What kind of application have you already produced for our marketplace and ecosystem?

For the Security and Safety Things marketplace, we have built an application that detects human faces from live camera feeds, estimates age, gender, and emotion of detected faces, and provides a dashboard and statistics on processed data. This application can be used for audience analysis, for example, in stores to provide retailers with insights on demographics and customer behavior within the store.

3. What made Security and Safety Things stand out for you as a product/service?

Security and Safety Things stands out for several reasons, first and foremost the fact that it is a completely new concept attracting a great deal of interest from users and developers. No wonder, because the potential in this area is vast. We couldn't afford to miss the chance to become part of this platform.

Through Security and Safety Things we gain access to technological areas that are not our main focus so far. Now we are able to offer our customers turnkey solutions for a variety of security camera applications.

Through the open platform of Security and Safety Things, we reach new customers that we have not reached before.

4. What made you happiest about collaborating with us? OR what has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

It was a great moment when we finished the app, we could immediately see if it works and if it meets the requirements of the market. The platform allows the user to easily install our app on their cameras, connect to the platform and use the service immediately with just a few clicks. That is a great achievement, considering the complexity of all the technologies that are combined for this particular solution.

Our customers like it, so it didn't take long to get initial requests for these solutions. That's great!

5. What's the main reason you recommend our product or service? OR What's the bottom line when it comes to deciding to partner from us or not?

We believe that this type of ecosystem is what the market needs because this kind of plug-and-play solution creates real business value for our customers. A one-stop-shop for cameras and platforms. Applications speed the implementation up significantly. What more can you ask for?

6. How do you rate the market for B2B apps in the area of camera applications? OR in other words: Why do you see this area as full of opportunities?

Again, open ecosystems for B2B apps will be the next big thing. It's much easier to have a single platform for everything that makes security cameras smarter than to find a partner for every single requirement whose solution may not be compatible with others. As this market segment is not yet saturated, we see this as an opportunity to position ourselves as an enabler early and we think we are on the right track with Security and Safety Things.

7. What are your next goals and what does it take to achieve them? OR Do you see challenges in the area of app development today?

Our next goal is to fully integrate our SDK into the Security and Safety Things platform and deliver a proof of concept that our customers want to see as soon as possible. To achieve this, we will continue working very closely with the Security and Safety Things team.

Mario, thank you very much for the chat and the opportunity to get to know you better.

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