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White paper: IoT Excellence in Retail

Why you should use IoT cameras as a retailer

  • Connect your camera's insights with your other systems
  • Keep your solutions easily up to date with software updates




Sell with success using smart security cameras-cover

How to bring smart IoT cameras to your retail business

The strongest reasons to use smart IoT cameras:

  • Increase your conversions with analyzing heat maps and visitor flows
  • Improve customer satisfaction through a more personalized experience
  • Enhance theft tracking and the general security of your store 

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IoT Excellence in retail

Improve business operations in your retail outlets by using smart IoT cameras.
  • Get more value for money by running multiple apps on one camera
  • Let your smart IoT camera system work for you by detecting missing or misplaced goods
  • Deliver a personalized and optimized shopping experience to your customers
"Only once in your life you get the opportunity to take a whole industry to the next level."

Nikolas Mangold-Takao VP Product Management & Marketing



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